The Band

Although The Maz Mitrenko Band was formed in 2006, it’s roots go back a lot further.

Both during his 80’s stint with The Handsome Beasts and his 12 years with The Trevor Burton band, Maz was to be found on his nights off sitting in at local venues jamming the blues that he loves. During the 90’s he also started making a yearly pilgrimage to many parts of the USA – especially the south where the music he loves came from. During these travels he played many backwater jams and made many new friends among the musicians that he met.

These experiences were what made Maz decide that he had to do his own thing and in 2005 he left Trevor (with no hard feelings) and formed the first Maz Mitrenko band.

By 2006 he had teamed up with Baz Newey (bass) and Dave Tandy (drums) to produce the band’s 1st CD “Comin’ Thro’” and Maz started touring under his own name for the first time.

By 2008 Baz and Dave had been replaced by Phil Brittle (drums) and Paul Turner (bass) and together they started writing for a new CD

By 2010 the band had released the 2nd CD “And Then Some” and become well known on the midlands circuit. Then, in the summer of that year, they undertook their first US tour taking in shows in Nashville, Memphis, Alabama and Clarksdale, Mississippi.

During this tour they performed in Nashville alongside Maz’s good friend Doug “Blind Willie” Jones, Johnny Neel of The Allman Brothers Band and Shaun Murphy of Little Feat .

Returning to the UK they continued performing including appearances on the British Stage at The Great R’n’B festival in Colne and at The Upton Blues festival

In 2013 Paul Turner decided to take a break from playing and, after a series of auditions, new bass player Pete Vickers was hired.



Pete Vickers: Bass Guitar / Vocals:

Pete was delighted to be offered the job with the Maz Mitrenko band, with his passion for powerful rock blues.  An accomplished and respected bass player for many years on the West Midlands circuit,  he has played at many top venues, made TV appearances, and featured on live radio sessions and interviews.  He has worked with members of Welsh Rock legends “Budgie”  Ray Phillips, Pete Boot and Andy Hart, as well as doing sessions with Tony McPhee (The Groundhogs), George Northall (Little Acre) and many more.

He spent three years with top tribute band EZ Top and has fronted blues/rock bands Cry Wolf, Boot 66 , White Light, The Guvnors.




Phil Brittle; Drums

Phil is the quintessential journeyman drummer. As a teenager he was drafted into the original Band of Joy that at the time included a little known singer going by the name of Robert Plant.
He went on to later success with progressive rockers Possessed .

Drummer, Phil Brittle was also something of a local legend.
He had also been a member of The Band Of Joy,
as well as being an original member of The Way Of Life
before John Bonham entered the fold.
In fact, it was Bonham himself who taught
Phil how to play triplets and double kick drums!
The quality of music & playing is unquestionable,
Phil Brittles unpredictable beats rattle and bash.

Over the years Phil’s CV  reads like a who’s who of top Midlands musicians

Phil also played for many years with midlands classic rockers  “ Quill”